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The future of solar energy

We’ve all heard about how good solar energy is the best source of renewable energy. Like most new technologies, the cost of getting on-board during early development was prohibitive. Now the industry has settled down and costs have become far more realistic. This means that solar energy is within the reach of most however, the cost benefits are still exciting.

As well as being experts in the installation of Solar Panels for both domestic and commercial applications, we specialise in installing Battery Storage, so you can enjoy the energy you have been harvesting all day, and use it when you get home, when you need it most.

And best of all, we can retro-fit these batteries to your existing solar system, so if you’re not on the high end feed in tariffs, you can now save substantial amounts.

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We Retro-Fit Battery Storage systems to your existing Solar Panels, so you can save even more money and energy.

Prices start at £4,995

We provide a full range of professional services, from design to installation:

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