'Absolutely fantastic service...
I highly recommend this company'

A. Johnstone, Plymouth

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We wanted to ensure that money was used wisely to benefit not only an elderly relative but also us in the future.  Solar panels and a sun tunnel seemed a sensible way to save and even make us money as well as save the planet for our Granddaughter and future generations!

Dan Cosway and and Gareth Kuczynski arrived as contractors to install the panels, converter, battery and the nest a nifty bit of equipment which allows control from my phone, my relative would never be too cold or too hot again.

The problem we had was the sun tunnel. It was a chicken and egg problem; what to do first. We decided on the panels first leaving a gap for the tunnel window to go in.  Dan kindly offered to install it whilst he was in the roof but I couldn’t source one for slate tiles without ordering it.  On its arrival, local roofers shyed away for fear of damaging the solar panels.

In desperation I contacted Dan, who although 160 odd miles away, arranged a date to install the sun tunnel through the roof into a very dark en-suite shower room. Still can’t believe the difference it makes.

These two chaps are both friendly and approachable and seem willing to go that extra mile or 159 to ensure they give the most excellent customer service.

I was so very impressed with not only the equipment they installed but by the way they left the premises. Everywhere was vacuumed indoors. All rubbish was removed. Overall it was top notch service on both occasions.

In being told their own company details, I had no hesitation to recommend them to a friend of mine who happens to be profoundly deaf.  They yet again travelled  to the West Country to talk her through everything she needed to know, face to face to make it easier for her.  Now they’ve installed her solar system, I understand the offer is there if she needs assistance with the following paperwork.

Absolutely fantastic service and again I would highly recommend this company.

A. Johnstone


Location:  Andover, Hampshire

  • 12x 285w BenQ panels
  • Solar edge micro inverters

Location: Tavistock, Devon

  • 13x LG 300 Neon2 All Black panel
  • Solax hybrid inverter
  • LG Chem Resu 6.4kw battery

Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

  • 12x 310 LG neon panels

Location: Collingbourne, Wiltshire

  • 16x JA 270w smart module panels
  • Solar edge inverter

Location: Winscombe, Avon

  • 16 X 310 LG Neon panels
  • Solax hybrid inverter
  • 4 X 2.4kw Solax Batteries

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