Battery Storage

Now you can enjoy your energy

all day and night

Battery Storage

Now you can have Solar Energy Day & Night

Our Solar Storage Battery systems are most incredible development in Solar Energy.  You can now efficiently collect and store the solar energy you have generated during the day and use it during the hours of darkness, when you need it most.

As energy cost continue to rise, we need to make the most out of our solar energy – and our Solar Storage Battery Systems are the perfect solution, converting and directing your solar power to where and when it is needed.

Our Solar Storage Battery systems also offer a state-of-the-art wifi monitoring system and an App that you can use to check your system’s performance on most mobile devices.

Retro-Fit is available

If you have already invested in Solar Photovoltaic panels then this is the perfect add-on for you system. We can retro-fit to most installations, meaning you can increase all the benefits of Solar Energy in your home.

Growth on Solar installations in UK

  • up to 2009 0.8%
  • 2010 2.1%
  • 2011 4.7%
  • 2012 5.9%
  • 2013 10%
  • 2014 14%
  • 2015 28%
  • 2016 45%
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