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The Feed in Tariff (FiT)

The Governemnt’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is a programme promoting the uptake of small-scale renewable electricity generation technologies. It is available through licensed electricity suppliers, we can help you with all the paperwork and ensure your installation meets all the required criteria.

The scheme requires suppliers to make tariff payments on both generation and export of renewable and low carbon electricity. These are index-linked which means that they will increase or decrease with inflation.

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Feed-in Tariff Scheme FiTS

– A government backed scheme designed to help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions generated by our use of electricity

TAX Free

Tax Free Payments! – The Feed-in Tariff Scheme pays owners Solar PV Systems, quarterly tax free tariff payments for twenty years

Generous Payments

Generous Payments – With the Feed-in Tariff Scheme a surplus tax free profit is made, after repaying the installation costs

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