Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your solar panels clean

means efficient running


Battery Storage

Now you can enjoy your energy

all day and night

You’ve invested in Solar Power,¬†don’t let dirt spoil your returns.

Whilst the Sun is powerful, it finds it difficult to penetrate layers of dirt and grime that can build up naturally on your solar panels, and reduce their efficiency dramatically.

We provide a cleaning service that will help to keep your system in tip-top condition and maintain your return on investment.

In addition to cleaning, we also conduct a health check on your panels, connectors and fittings to ensure that everything is working as it should be. We can either provide a regular maintenance and cleaning service, or you can call us on an ad-hoc basis.

PLEASE do not be tempted to use your window cleaner to clean your solar panels. Anyone cleaning your solar panels MUST have a certificate of training and be fully insured to do so. Your solar panels are a significant investment

Our solar health check includes:

  • Professional solar clean using the correct materials and protection to prevent any electrical shocks
  • Inspection of the solar panels for cracks and damage
  • Check integrity of the supporting framework
  • Check roof fixings
  • Check for signs of damage from squirrels, birds etc.
  • Check for Inverter error codes

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