Yes! – Mercedes-Benz in your home

It pays off. Straight from the car to the living room – the battery technology without which electromobility would not have been possible can now also be put to use in your own home. Losses from surplus kilowatt hours produced by photovoltaic installations are now a thing of the past. Mercedes‐Benz Energy Storage Home allows you to maximise consumption of your own electricity and to use sustainably generated energy.

  • Mercedes‐Benz Energy Storage systems at a glance.
  • Modular system ranging from 2.5–20 kWh
  • Can be upgraded to suit your individual requirements
  • Safe and long‐lasting lithium‐ion technology
  • Noiseless and reliable
  • Wall or upright installation
  • Ten‐year current‐value replacement guarantee
  • Mercedes‐Benz quality – made in Germany

Up to eight energy modules, each with a capacity of 2.5 kWh, can store the solar power you produce – for use at night and when the sun isn’t shining. Although you remain connected to the grid, you gain increased autonomy. Even in the event of a power cut, your continued supply is guaranteed.

We can help you find the perfect configuration for your Mercedes‐Benz Storage Home solution – for example, in combination with a photovoltaic installation. We identify the ideal storage solution for your needs, and can advise you.