Retro Fit Batteries

We can fit efficient battery storage

to your existing solar system


Battery Storage

Now you can enjoy your energy

all day and night

You’ve invested in Solar Power, but you may not be getting great returns from your Feed In Tariff?

We can Retrofit your system so you can use your solar power at night!

We can add efficient batteries to any existing solar system allowing you to store your surplus energy for use at night and increasing the direct use of your solar energy. This can increase your savings and improve the financial returns from your solar investment.

Battery systems can also act as emergency black-out protection for your key appliances.

Our retro-fit systems start from just £4,995

If you have existing Solar Panels and want to get even more benefit from them, then we can retro-fit the most efficient battery storage systems. Now you’ll be able to enjoy all the valuable enegry you have saved during the day and use it when you and your family get home at night.

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